Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) is a new kind of sewage treatment device that combines membrane technology and bio-technology to largely improve the water quality and volume load. Besides replacing the function of traditional secondary settling tank (SST) or sand filter, the membrane modules can also remove organism, nitrogen and phosphor, which is the most advanced and efficient sewage treatment technique. HPR-MBR is an advanced MBR modules developed on the base of inner-reinforced hollow fiber membranes. It is the promising core device of realizing the MBR technique and has several advantages: high mechanic strength, stable quality of water and long-life time.

  Higher Strength, stronger membrane anti-peeling performance: the hollow fiber membrane consists of inner PET braid and outer functional PVDF layer. The membrane strength is more than 100.0MPa and the anti-stripping strength is more than 1.0MPa, which resolves thoroughly the problems of transformation, fracture and peeling-off functional layer, keeps stable quality of product water in a long time.

  Transport and storage in dry state: permanent hydrophilic modification together with high porosity (over 60%) leads to larger water permeation and higher operating flux as well as dry-state transport and storage.

  Larger flux and long-life time: the large permeable pores and single layer of the membrane reduce the deposition of sewage in the membrane and increase the permanent resistance of pollution, leading to smaller membrane flux attenuation. The membrane products’ normal life time is at least 5 years (membrane flux attenuation is less than 20% in the first 5 years).

  low cost with excellent performance: professional manufacture of membrane, large-scale production, reliable quality and low cost. Hyperon membranes support the high-pressure backwashing and can retard the formation of filter cake (called muck), extend the interval time of chemical cleaning and lower its cost.